How To Manifest Your Intentions?

by Gopi Nair
January 1st 2021

We all have intentions, we all have deep desires and outlandish dreams. We also, many times, have read about the Science of Manifestation, yet many of us fail to manifest our desires and we conclude that it is some fantasy and it does not work in the practical world. But the fallacy lies in the application of our Science or knowledge of manifestation. Manifestation is a three step process:


STEP #1. Intention Stage: You decide what you want. Purer your intention, easier the manifestation. Your intention should not be harmful to any one or anything on the planet.


STEP #2. With utmost reverence and with unshakable faith, you transmit your intention to Mother Universe. Make sure that there is not even a trace of doubt in your mind about the timely manifestation.


STEP#3. This is the step where many of us falter and fall into fallacious conclusion that this intention stuff does not work! The third step simply means, having transmitted your Intention to the Universe, simply get out of its way. Let Universe readjust her forces to manifest your deep rooted desire.


Do not micromanage the Universe. It has to happen certain way. I never did that before. Simply trust the Universe . The process is flawless, and it works!


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