How To Plan Your Anger?

by Gopi Nair
April 22nd 2020

In modern times, we all plan everything in advance! We plan our engagement, wedding a year in advance, may be two years. We plan our vacation at least a year ahead. "I am going to start my MBA at Booth in 2025" a successful Business Executive, plans. Many old people do not allow their own children to plan their funeral. They buy the Funeral Policy and plan ahead to dispose off the mortal remains ceremoniously. Of course nothing wrong with that!

This is a very important event none of us plans. But we all should plan ahead our own anger! You can tell your wife

"honey, I will get mad at you next Wednesday at 7PM after I come back from the office".

This way you give her some time to plan her response! If nothing else, she can go for shopping next Wednesday at 7PM!

On a serious note, we all can manage our anger better, if we celebrate our anger. For every celebration first we send an invitation. You give an invitation to the other, (inform the other) about your forthcoming anger towards that person no matter who he or she is! This is a technique to remove reaction to other people, or conditions or events. Most of us get angry at the spur of the moment as a reaction to somebody's act of commission or act of omission. Will continue...

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