How to Prevent Burnout at Work

by Gopi Nair
November 19th 2021

The first and foremost important thing to remember about preventing "Burn Out Syndrome" is to remind yourself that you are vulnerable like any other human being on this planet! You are not superhuman. When you are confronted by unreasonable deadlines, a toxic work place, a demanding boss, and young and growing families, it is possible that you will get drawn into the fire of burnout. Especially after the Covid pandemic, people are working from home and that means you are always in front of the computer. Long hours, many times no weekends, and no intellectual stimulation with associates and friends can all add up to chronic fatigue, which is a symptom of burnout.

The person who can first see the signs of burnout is you, as nobody knows your mental status like you. We all need to watch out for the early symptoms like feeling tired even after seven or eight hours of sleep, lack of appetite, no enthusiasm to go to work on a Monday morning, and a feeling that you are underappreciated, and work is not interesting anymore. You feel disconnected with your boss and other colleagues at work, and the "deadlines are killing me" feeling all pre-cursers to an upcoming burnout syndrome and the dreadful consequences.

The following "Daily Rituals" you can do to avoid any type of Burnout:

  1. Practice of Gratitude starting with a 30-second Gratitude Prayer as soon as you get up in the morning and just before you slip into sleep. Keep a Gratitude Journal, and write down five people to whom you are grateful. Make it a habit to send thank you cards regularly. Always remain grateful to your employer who helps you put food on your dinner table. Never forget that!
  2. There is only one person who can assure your well-being, and that is you. Take action to be regular at the gym, eat a good breakfast, and definitely find time to eat a healthy lunch.
  3. Always spend quality time with your family, and play with your children. Find time to spend with your spouse, and more than talking, listen to him or her. Many times lending somebody your listening ears is all that you need to do. God gave us all two ears and only one mouth!
  4. You are on this planet not by accident. Find your purpose and center your life around that purpose! If you do not know the purpose ask the Universe to help you find your purpose.
  5. Always find fifteen minutes of your own quiet time for prayer, meditation, yoga, or simple silence.

Above all, make it a point to inspire everyone who crosses your path every day, by appreciating him or her. When you inspire others, you inspire yourself and an INSPIRED PERSON is like a charged magnet, who seldom faces the Burnout Syndrome!

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