How To Start Loving One Another

by Gopi Nair
April 11th 2020

Today is Easter!

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He is risen from the doldrum of death to the endless sky of hope. He has given hopes to millions of people, all over the world to live a life of purpose. Jesus has influenced my life positively for the last four decades, and out of His many teachings that influenced me, the one and the outstanding one is




Many times we put wrong emphasis on the neighbor. But if you read His teaching again, it says




You have to first love thyself before you can start loving your neighbor! Unless you have a dollar with you, you can not give it to another. Similarly unless you have love in you, can not extend it to your neighbor! So start loving you for what you are and not for what you should be. Love is the art of knowing that Spirit alone is flowing! You are the child of Spirit, and you are endowed with that indomitable power, which makes you unique.




Everybody other than you is your neighbor. Your wife is your neighbor, your child is your neighbor, your uncle in West Germany is your neighbor, your boss is your neighbor! Why? Even the homeless man around the street corner is also your neighbor! Start with you, and extend that love to one and all!


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