Know Your Universe!

by Gopi Nair
April 7th 2021

This Universe is nothing but an energy Universe!


Any Physicist will tell you that energy can not be created, it can not be destroyed, it can only be transformed! We create this formed Universe (AKA Material World) out of energy, and matter is nothing but energy in its condensed form. When matter is reduced to its purest essence, there is nothing but energy. Do you understand this truth? Do you dwell on it? Do you think about converting energy into any material form you choose? What is gold, silver, Real Estate or any other form of wealth? It is energy in its condensed form!


Do you know who you are? You and me are like other living beings, are simply energy organisms! When you know who you are, evolution is complete! The biggest problem of mankind is false identification, that you and I think that we are our bodies. Are we simply our bodies? Or our material body made out of a few chemicals is simply a carrying case! Dwell on the concept of this Universe, your own true nature, and your relationship with the Universe. Know this truth, and free yourself from the clutches of confusion and the resultant suffering!


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