Listen to the Bells

by Gopi Nair
November 17th 2021

I was listening to Mallika Chopra, the celebrated daughter of Dr. Deepak Chopra as she gave a Ted Talk on Intent. She was describing her experience when she interviewed Eckart Tolle, the author of the popular book, "The Power of Now". While Mallika was granted fifteen minutes for the interview, and she was counting every minute frantically to get her fifteen questions across to the celebrated author and visionary, the church bell started ringing from the nearby church. Eckart Toll stopped the conversation, and started listening to the bells and also asked Ms. Chopra to listen to the bells with him. While Mallika was still worried about the merciless ticking clock, she took a deep breath and joined Eckart Tolle and listened to the bells. Of course after the fifteen minutes, the good friend of Dr. Deepak Chopra gave another hour and a half to his friend's daughter, Mallika, who had a good interview about her own questions about Intent.

Of course we all need to have an Intent, which is nothing but our unselfish blessing to the Universe! Intent is also our deepest desire springing from the very depth of our own being, expressing our yearning to do something that will benefit mankind in its quest for truth and purpose in life. Being in the present, enjoying the "ringing bells", or whatever the present presents to you is the sum and substance of joy in life! When you are in the NOW, the past which is a mere recollection of something that happened yesterday, and the future which is nothing but your own imagination of what will happen tomorrow, escape your attention and leave you alone. In the recess you experience life, and that is the secret of living in the present. Your awareness is the Spiritual Lantern that can illuminate life and its mysteries to you. Life is to be enjoyed in the present moment where time stands still!

I am grateful to Mallika Chopra for sharing her experience of "listening to the bells" with the world, and it perked up my spirit too. Intent is our unselfish blessing to the Universe, that unleashes our own thirst to benefit mankind from our thought, speech, and action! It is the Soul's expression of gratitude, gratitude to the Creator who is visible to all of us through the created Universe!

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