Mind, Mood and Meditation

by Gopi Nair
June 22nd 2020

Mind is always percolating like a blender, stirred by nagging thoughts, our mind can get out of control. As a matter of fact it happens to almost all of us, when we try to forget something that thought makes constant appearances like a mischievous child.


Mind is an instrument of perception, and at the same time it is the creator of our various moods. Just like the color of the different clothes decides the beauty of the fabric, the quality of the thoughts reigning at any given time dictates the mood of our mind.


Anytime you need to change the mood from negative to positive, from sorrow to joy, and disturbance to calmness you can do a simple meditation. You can sit down on a chair (or on the ground cross legged if you can) with your neck and spine straight, and simply observe the thoughts as they come and go. You act as though you are watching somebody else's thoughts, and making no comments.


This thought observation process is a prelude to actual meditation! But this practice of dispassionate observation of one's thoughts can restore calmness to an otherwise unruly mind! This way you can keep the mental temperature at its comfort level, without being a victim of your own unsettled mind. Try it, you will enjoy!

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