Mother Is An Institution! 💐

by Gopi Nair
May 9th 2020

As the world is celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow, each one of us has our particular way of remembering our mothers 🌷.


Come to think of it, Mother is not a person...she is an Institution founded on the principle of loving compassion!


Even if the whole world rejects a person, he or she can find ultimate refuge in one's mother. No mother looks at her child different from her, as she carried her child in her womb giving all the nourishment and love before it is ready to come out into this world. Even though the physical umbilical code is cut at birth,the emotional umbilical code remains intact and connected all the time between the mother and her child. Mothers emotional tentacles can travel far and wide, no matter in which part of the world her child is. There is no relationship in the world that is so intimate like the mother and her child!


Mother is an Institution, as she is the epitomy of organization and multitasking. Even though multitasking is generally not efficient, it is very effective for a mother because of her passion for everything she does for her child. She focuses her energy so efficient, that she is able to do various activities with amazing speed and purpose. No one can take the place of a mother in raising a child, and meeting its various emotional needs during the formative years.


Every mother is a well of wisdom, that can not be taught in the four walls of an Ivy League School. Even if we may not grasp the meaning of her wisdom during our childhood, as we grow her voice will be ringing in our ears even if she is not present in the world. Her teachings are immortal, her words are music to our ears! Almost all of us are fortunate to drink at the well of our mothers' wisdom. Starting with her lullaby and stories, she unleashes her wisdom for teaching her children. We all learn the concept of right and wrong primarily from our mother. It is she who weaves the fabric of our moral character during our childhood.


The Institution of Motherhood is vested with very rare and precious talents. Every mother is a visionary, who can spark the imagination of her child with her stories and mesmerising facial expressions! Many of the great leaders in the field of Science, Politics and Mathematics got their inspiration to pursue their path from their mothers. Every mother carries with her a magic wand that is capable of awakening the hidden talent in her child! My mother was a storehouse of imaginations. As a young boy growing up in a tiny village in the South Indian State of Kerala, I was very timid and shy because of my squint eye. When I was a teenager, it started bothering me very much as I could not even look at a girl. My mothers imagination and wisdom knew no bounds as she convinced me that it was the sign of my luck.


"Gopi do not mess with your eyes! You are messing with your luck!"


Even today I beleive in my mother and I think all the blessings I enjoy in my life are the results of my luck, as evident from my squint eye.


"Mother you are so great, and I am indeed very fortunate to have you as my mother."


This is what Thomas Alva Edison said about his mother:


"My mother was the making of me, she was so true, she was so sure of me, and I felt I had something to live, for someone I must not disappoint."


The young Edison's teacher thought he was mentally incompent, but his mother did not give up on him. She taught him at home! Thus she was able to gift to the world the inventor of the century, may be all centuries!


Mahathma Gandhi said that the


"outstanding impression my mother has left on my memory is that of saintliness!"


She was very pious and religious that she would not eat until after she had finished all her religious practices including fasting. No wonder Gandhi became a famous advocate of fasting to convince the Britishers that he meant business. There are so many great mothers who raised and presented to the world great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. In our own time we find a great philanthropist named Bill Gates the co-founder of Gates Foundation. Bill Gates Mother Mary Maxwell Gates encouraged her son Bill Gates to focus on philanthropy, resulting in Billions of Dollars Gates Foundation investing in the eradication of malaria, HIV and polio all over the world.


It was President Woodrow Wilson who designated Mothers Day in 1914 as a National Holiday! It was Ann Jarvis and her daughter Anna Jarvis who spearheaded the movement that eventually became Mothers Day all over the world! This is the time for all of us to remember our own mothers, and celebrate motherhood wherever we find it!


The Institution of Motherhood will endure as long as time endures, and let us salute our mothers one more time!


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