Mother's Place, Only Next to God

by Gopi Nair
December 14th 2021

It was my mother's anniversary this week, and I am celebrating her life and legacy. For me it was a God-given boon as my father departed from this world when I was only two. She has been my anchor all my life, even after she relinquished her mortal form. I learned my life's lessons from her mostly, and my work ethics including the miracle of hard work from my older brother, K.S. Nair. My heart comes out in profound gratitude to them, and my debt of gratitude cannot be repaid even if I choose to come back to this world even after the end of this life cycle. Here are some of the teachings I learned from my mother:

  1. "Accept whatever God gives you, with both the hands and say thank you, because it could have been worse!" (Be grateful always).
  2. "Do not judge others for any reason. You do not know what they are going through in life".
  3. "The cow on the paper does not eat grass!" Great investment advice.
  4. "Humility is the attire of the Divine."
  5. "Remember two things, Forget two things. You will be at peace all the time. Remember God. Remember your parents. Forget good things you have done for others. Forget bad things others have done to you."
  6. "Do not count the teeth of a cow, given to you as a gift."
  7. "Every problem is an imposter. Be grateful, because there is a gift of a lesson beneath it."

I was fortunate to have a mother like her. It was her blessings to me. We are all blessed to have a mother who provides a spiritual refuge when we confront life's challenges. God cannot be everywhere in a physical form. So He decided to send a mother to all of us to fill in His place. I am only honored to place my mother next to God. You too can do the same thing, and reap a harvest of peace and harmony.

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