My Name Is Malayalathil Gopinathan Nair!

by Gopi Nair
October 15th 2020

I am proud of my name.


Just like everybody is! To make it easy for my American friends, I am called Gopi. I think it is easy enough to pronounce for any one who speaks English.


May not be easy enough for Sen. Perdue, the Republican Senator who mocked at senator Kamala Harris. In fact "Kamala" is a simple Indian name which means "lotus", the flower from its humble beginning in the mud, soars towards the blazing Sun, and in the process becomes itself beautiful! It is very apt for Senator Kamala Harris, as she has become a powerful woman of this century, with a potential to be the first woman leader of the free world. This is in spite of her humble beginning as a child of immigrant parents.


Senator Perdue, knows better than that. It is a common courtesy, to understand and pronounce the name of another human being let alone a fellow Senator who sits on the same Committee. It is a basic tenet of common decency that we respect another human being, let alone a fellow Senator.


"To err is human, and to forgive is Divine".


Senator Perdue, you owe it to yourself, and your upbringing to say "sorry" to Senator Kamala Harris. Always remember humility is the attire of the "Divine",.


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