New Year Resolution Or Paradigm Shift

by Gopi Nair
January 1st 2021

We are all talking about New Year resolutions, as we stand on the threshold of the New Year! Many times New Year Resolutions are like half baked cookies, you can neither eat them or throw them out. There is nothing wrong with New Year resolutions if you build the determination to continue it for the whole year. Most of us are like the children who lose interest in the new toys after a few days. We find a kick out of the "herd mentality" and end up following the crowd and reaching nowhere!


Instead, try to bring about a paradigm shift in your own life! The same old same old only means that you are entertaining the same old thoughts, and expect new results. If you sow the seeds of oranges never expect to reap apples. This is an opportunity as the New Year dawns, to make permanent changes in one's life! Rome was not built in a day, and so are the new changes in your life! But definitely you can take the first step today by looking at your own thoughts. Always remember,


"weak is one who allows his thoughts to control his actions, whereas strong is one who forces his actions to induce new thoughts."


Be strong, and take new actions, create new rituals discarding the outdated old ones! If anybody can do it, you too can!


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