Prayer Is The Best Medicine!

by Gopi Nair
March 28th 2020

As Covid-19 is spreading through the entire world in the form of a small energy organism, the world has never witnessed, the entire Scientific Community is at a loss to comprehend its speed and breadth in spreading from China to Asia to American continent in a short period of time. There is no vaccine to prevent, or medicine to cure this epidemic, as it is mercilessly taking lives one after another regardless of gender, social status, or other man made distinctions of power or wealth or affiliations to certain religious or spiritual belief. This is a common threat facing mankind , and we all can resort to one remedy lying deep beneath the layers of our own consciousness: the power of prayer.


Mankind has followed the power of prayer from time immemorial, when we could not find answers to our pressing problems. Every prayer is a positive affirmation praising the virtues of the Divine, the ultimate reality enshrined in the Spirit, that spiraling energy rekindling our very consciousness! During those moments of pin drop silence, our own inner voice of silence reaches out to the Universal Consciousness to find answers to our dilemma. With masses praying with one solitary voice, from one corner of the Universe to the other, just like the drops that make the ocean, our little sparks of Divinity can transform itself to be a gigantic Spiritual Volcano capable of quenching the global suffering of mankind. When we focus away from us to a Higher Power regardless by what name It is known to us, it can empower us to collect our own consciousness from dissipating into worthless fragments floating in the sea of fear and anger!


Families are isolated in the privacy of their own homes during these rough times. Let us appeal to every family (many are already doing it) to pray regularly at dawn dusk or midday based on their own religious instructions to regain our sanity to accept the challenge we face today. A prayer of Gratitude, a prayer of ultimate surrender and a prayer seeking guidance from the Divine can uplift our spirit and appease our anger, and drown our mortal fears. It is said that when you pray God, you are communicating with Him (Her), and when you get an intuition God is communicating with you!


So let us all pray regardless of our religion or faith, and to those who do not believe in any God can also with a prayer of Gratitude to the Universe! Gratitude, being the mother of all positive emotions like love, respect, compassion and kindness can bring calmness to our trembling heart, unstable feet. This is the time to forget our differences, and respecting each other as the children of the One Creator, we can raise our praise to reach the Heavens, to find a solution to this global pandemic! Our mind expands as it is inspired unlike a rubber band that snaps when stretched too hard. Let us all pray for the welfare of mankind, stopping the current threat to our own sanity and existence!

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