Role Of Spirituality In Daily Life

by Gopi Nair
April 15th 2020

Man is a spiritual being trying to create a material existence!


"Every human is a potential Divine"


declared Swami Vivekananda, a spiritual giant who blessed India in his physical form. The very innate nature of man is divinity. That is the very reason when you hurt someone by your thought, speech or deed, your conscience pricks and you feel the pain!


The science of spiritualty says that man is a spiritual being trying to have a human experience with this physical body. The spirit that is immersed in layers of ignorance can be activated with daily spiritual living, that will articulate one's purpose in life.


When you live for yourself life is utterly miserable, when you live for others it is pure joy!


This inner joy in life comes only from serving others renouncing the fruit of one's actions! This detached attachment is the tenet of spirituality. Being spiritual does not mean being religious! We need to know that religion is a grammar school of spirituality. If you get trapped there you will be a grammar school student all your life!


You can start your spirituality in daily life with the practice of gratitude! Gratitude is the mother of all positive emotions like kindness. spiritual living alone guarantees inner joy!


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