Seven Rules To Succeed In The Game Of Life!

by Gopi Nair
April 22nd 2020

Life is like a card game.


Destiny is your dealer. You can only play the hand you got. You can not cheat. Follow the following rules, your success is guaranteed:


  1. You treat others the way you like to be treated (with respect).
  2. Your Thought, Speech and Action must align all the time. TSA Alignment is a must to master the game of life!
  3. Strictly follow the Law of Reciprocity! The Law of reciprocity says whatever you offer to the Universe it will give back to you multiplied. Be careful always about the offering you make..
  4. Begin your day with a one minute Gratitude Prayer, and another one minute Gratitude Prayer before slipping into sleep!
  5. Count your Blessings and write them down every day!
  6. Spend fifteen minutes in solitude, call it a meditation!
  7. Ask these two questions every day?:

*Who am I? *

Why am I here?

(Do not worry about the answers).

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