Should I Pursue Happiness

by Gopi Nair
March 16th 2021

Should I Pursue Happiness..?


Before I answer the question I want to explore the nature of happiness! Happiness is a temporary elixir that gives you a feeling of "high", and makes you feel that you got the world of satisfaction. But remember the truth, that if you are happy you are bound to be unhappy because both happiness and unhappiness exist in the field of time! Anything that is attached to the wheel of time is fleeting and can not stand still!


Now the real question comes:


"Should I pursue happiness?"


The answer is YES!


Why? if you are not happy you could be miserable, and life may not have much to offer. Understand happiness as a grammar school of real joy, and if you get trapped there you will be a grammar school student all your life! Use happiness as a spring board to find your real purpose in life! What if you can bring happiness into the life of a starving child, or a suffering soul, or make water available to the whole village where there is no water. The truth about happiness is that the amount of happiness that you derive in this world is directly proportionate to the amount of happiness you are willing to give others! Start spreading happiness, and find your own.

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