Thanks Giving For Everyone!

by Gopi Nair
November 24th 2018

Today is a wonderful day! It is THANKSGIVING DAY! Today we are all celebrating the Thanksgiving Day! With lots of Turkey, lots of sweet potatoes and the traditional Pumpkin Pies. This is very good for the palate. Besides, we can also elevate our Spiritual Energy, by feeling thankful for all the blessings we enjoy. Starting with the Creator, that Higher Power by whatever Name we worship Him( HER), our loving parents whether living or departed, brothers and sisters, our teachers past or present, and of course our spouse and children, and close friends from far and near.




Starting today, try to make everyday a THANKS GIVING DAY. Celebrate every day with an ounce of GRATITUDE, and reap a TON OF JOY! Once you start your day with Gratitude, you are embarking on a new journey to discover your true self and your true joy in life. It does not matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, boy or girl, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jew, or Jain, you will chart a new course of joy and contentment in life.The Power of Gratitude to elevate your life from one of frustration, and discontentment to pure joy and contentment is immeasurable, and beyond imagination. GRATITUDE has the power to erase negativity from the shores of your mind. It has the ability to open doors to a world of unlimited potential, that each and everyone of us has hidden beneath the layers of consciousness.




More than half a century ago, while I was growing up in a tiny village in the South Indian State Of Kerala, I was often intrigued by my mother's extraordinary behavior. Since my older brother Mr.K.S.Nair was working in Northern India, we used to get mail regularly from him at least once a month. I still remember the name of our mailman one Mr. Kesavan Nair,a very heavy set middle aged man with swollen feet, who used to announce his arrival before entering our fenced compound. My mother was always very pleased to see him, and my older sister and I would gather around to witness my mother receiving the mail and money Order from the mailman. After receiving the mail and the Money Order from the mailman, my mother would offer him lunch which was always a custom in our home, After the simple lunch, my mother would offer the mailman a gratuity of one Rupee. I being the youngest, had some privileges, and using that questioned my mother about giving the gratuity to the mailman. My mother always used to say whenever I questioned: "Gopi, you have to be grateful to the mailman, because he brings good news from your brother". A small gratitude is only a token of our gratitude to the mailman". Even though it satisfied my curious mind I still did not "get" it. But one thing I remember, that mailman until he retired, or any mailman for that matter, never brought bad news to my mother. This was my first lesson in gratitude, and that too I learnt from my own mother. Oh! mother wherever you are, and in whatever form you are, I offer my heart-felt gratitude for teaching me the first lesson in this POERFUL ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. It has undoubtedly helped me to overcome many heart breaking situations in my daily life.


Gratitude must be the only attitude in life. It will open your inner eyes to see the things as they are, rather than seeing them with one's judgmental, and preconceived myopic eyes. Hence St.Paul said




"Be thankful under all circumstances."


Always remember:


A grateful individual is a peaceful individual!


A grateful family is a peaceful family!


A grateful community is a peaceful COMMUNITY!


A grateful Country is a peaceful COUNTRY!


A grateful World is a peaceful WORLD!


Thus you can make a difference in your own life, and in this world, by practicing GRATITUDE!




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