The Art Of Horizon Writing!

by Gopi Nair
March 17th 2021

Have you heard about Horizon Writing? It is simply an art! You look at the horizon, and see in gigantic letters your dream written there! Whatever your dream may be, you can use the horizon as a canvas to write your Intentions! The more you write in your imagination, and the more you visualize them, the faster the actualization of your dream!If you are wanting to make a Million Dollars, write them on the horizon in big letters, and gaze at them ($1000,000.00). When you are gazing at your dream frequently you are impressing your subjective mind! The sub conscious mind is your subjective mind, the obeying mind. It does not argue or reason like your conscious mind. It is like fertile soil, absorbs everything that is impressed upon it!


The three steps process for Horizon Writing:


Step # 1. Know exactly what you want. Your dream car, your dream mansion or the One Million Dollars, or your dream girl or boy, why even your dream job!


Step # 2. Take a Monster pen and write in as bigger letters you can imagine as possible, and write on the horizon as you look at it. Then close your eyes and see your written dream before your minds eye!


Step # 3. Remain grateful for a moment, saying "I am grateful for this wonderful experience"


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