The Best Problem Solving Technique!

by Gopi Nair
April 10th 2021

We are all literally and figuratively (almost all of us) drowned in the sea of problems! Some of us have personal problems, health issues,, unemployment or underemployment problems, financial problems, or even relationship inadequacies! The problems are like waves in the sea. As soon as one set of problems are out of sight, another set is brewing in the background.


One of the cardinal reasons why we can not find a better solution to our problems is our mind's inability to detach from the problems. The more you think about forgetting the problem, it keeps on popping up on the screen of our mind. If you can detach yourself, or get your mind away from the problem your mind becomes clear and creative to discover the solution. The wrath of every problem is nothing but a figment of our own imagination. Every problem takes you back into the past, to lick the old wounds, or it drives into the future filled with imaginary fears!


The BEST TECHNIQUE TO SOLVE ANY PROBLEM IS GRATITUDE! Be grateful for the experience! Gratitude is the divine feeling that can anchor your mind to the present, taking it away from the problem itself. Once you are not preoccupied with the problem, your calm mind can find a solution!


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