The Best Way To Find Your Own Success And Happiness

by Gopi Nair
February 16th 2021

If you rejoice in the success and happiness of others around you, please stop reading! You do not have to read this post any more! You are on the right track to attract your own success and happiness. The secret I have discovered decades ago, was to rejoice heartfully not half fully, in the success and happiness of others. This is the best kept secret to attract your own success and your own happiness! That which you think speak and feel will undoubtedly gravitate towards you. So use every opportunity to congratulate others in their success, even if it is a small success starting with your own children, or your own spouse.


Years ago before I was introduced to the Mental Science, I arranged a send off party to a friend of mine who got a Scholarship to study abroad in USA. Many people from the community came and congratulated my friend. I felt so good that I could arrange that send off. At that time I had no clue, that in less than ten years after that event, I myself got an opportunity to migrate to the USA. I strongly feel that my rejoicing in the success of my friend greatly contributed to my own opportunity to go abroad.


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