The Hand That Gives

by Gopi Nair
February 16th 2021

The Hand That Gives...


is the hand of God!


The hand that gives.. is the hand of God.


Start giving more from today! You do not have to be rich or wealthy to give more! Start giving your smile to one and all who crosses your path! We all can give one dollar to a homeless person. We can find an hour to help a cause! Find one more hour every week to spend with your spouse and children, and that will increase the family's well being! When you cultivate the habit of giving, there will be more opportunities opening up. When you give there are two winners! The person who gives is a winner! The person who receives also is a winner. In reality, there are no two people. Both the giver and the receiver are the two sides of the same Spirit! Understand this truth, and it shall redeem you from the myth of duality!

The Hand that gives, is the Hand of God!

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