The Psychology Of Forgiveness­čĺŁ

by Gopi Nair
May 16th 2020

Forgiveness is a psychological necessity!


We all talk about forgiveness to others, when they make hurtful expressions or do harmful deeds ­čĺö.


It is also equally important to forgive oneself. If you can not forgive yourself for an act of commission or an act of omission, it is almost impossible for you to forgive others. I can give you five dollars only if I have five dollars. That is true with forgiveness too!


We also erroneously think that you are forgiving somebody as a noble act of kindness! May be one in a thousand times it could be possible. Most of the time our forgiveness does not last because it is very often superfluous, not coming from your heart.


The Psychology of Forgiveness!


But I am of the opinion that total forgiveness to oneself and others is a psychological necessity as a tool of psycho therapy.


Unless you forgive others you are holding them hostage in your consciousness, and it is only a matter of time before it can explode and sabotage viciously your own peace of mind. Anything damaging your peace of mind and contentment must be erased from the shores of your mind.


Forgiveness is a cleansing act, as it removes the mud of negativity. It is not worth to harbor negative feelings inside as it is a poison.


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