The Story of the Mailman

by Gopi Nair
November 25th 2021

A long time ago, when I was growing up in a small village in the South Indian State of Kerala, we used to have a mailman by the name of Kesavan Nair. He was a heavyset man with swollen feet, good work ethics, and customer friendly. He used to deliver our mail regularly from my older brother, Mr. K.S. Nair, who used to work in Northern India. Since he was the sole bread winner of the family we used to eagerly wait for his letter and the money order. He was very punctual in sending the letter to my mother along with the money order. The mailman very well knew that we were dependent on my brother's letter and the money order. So, he used to announce his arrival before he entered the fenced compound.

My older sister, Pankajam, and myself would gather around my mother to witness my mother receiving the letter and the money order. It was always a happy moment for the entire family. After getting the letter and the money order my mother would serve the mailman with a simple vegetarian lunch, as it was the custom to serve lunch to anybody who showed up at lunch time. After the simple lunch, my mother would give the mailman a gratuity of one rupee. That part intrigued me.

Being the youngest, I used to question my mother after the mailman left our house, "Amma, why do you want to give him money? Lunch, I can understand, as it was a custom to offer lunch to anyone who visits at lunch time." My mother always said, "Gopi, remember that the mailman brings good news from your brother, and the one rupee is nothing but a token of our gratitude to our mailman." Even though I did not understand it yet, my mother's reply appeased my curiosity. But one thing I always remember, that the same mailman, or any mailman for that matter, never brought any bad news to my mother! Thus, I learned my first lesson in gratitude from my mother!

The sense of gratitude that my mother inculcated at a young age is very much alive and active even today after more than six decades. But now I have taken it one step further, and made it a way of life! I am indeed very grateful to my mother, who was very kind and compassionate. I am fortunate to have the privilege of having a mother like that! I am sure we all have stories to remember and tell about all our mothers!

This is an opportunity to express our gratitude to our parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts, along with our great teachers. As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays, let us use this opportunity to remember those kind souls, and express our gratitude! Gratitude is a powerful virtue, especially when it is expressed. Gratitude can definitely enhance your rate vibration as an energy organism, and take you to another level of evolution.

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