The World Is Looking For More Empathy, Not Sympathy!

by Gopi Nair
October 19th 2020

World is starving for empathy, the art of listening without judging! 👂


You can lend your shoulder for others to rest their troubled head, and lend your ears for others to unload their mortal load, load of worries, fear and excruciating agony. This is the least we all can do as a caring human being. Who says you need money to change this world and make a difference?


Mahatma Gandhi did not have any material wealth to his credit, yet he was a Spiritual Billionaire... Of course he changed this world with freedom for billions all over the globe!


During this global crisis, rather than feeling helpless, awaken the power of Gratitude in you. Gratitude is the mother of all positive emotions like empathy, appreciation, care and kindness. Gratitude is the bridge that connects every mortal to his eternal home of immortality! Be a listening soul, practice Gratitude, and enjoy the elixir of life. "Life", it is said is like a tennis game.


The more you serve, the better becomes your chances to succeed!


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