The World Needs You More Than Ever!

by Gopi Nair
April 22nd 2020

This is the time to come out of the hard shell of shyness and intimidation!


It is the time to come out in the open world to help your fellow human beings! Don't you hear the global cry for help? It is the cry of your own brothers and sisters craving for your attention and care! It is the cry of your own spiritual siblings sobbing to get out of the agony of isolation and social distancing! Don't you hear the cry of children struggling to appease their hunger for food, and thirst for knowledge? Are you deaf, not to hear the global outburst of desperation, despair and despondency?


No you are not! You are the child of that indomitable spirit, the life pulsating in all living beings, and slumbering in all inanimate objects! You are simply overwhelmed, as you have never been put to such an impossible test!


Yes You can do it! Stand up on your two feet like a man, and roar like a lion! Your fears and shyness will run for their lives! Your spine will shine like a thunderbolt ready to spring into action, to do whatever it takes to bring comfort and solace to your spiritual brothers and sisters all around the globe! Oh brother! Oh sister, simply respond to the clarion call! Yes you can do it! Will you?


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