There Are No Accidents In The Universe!

by Gopi Nair
April 24th 2020

It is true that we live in a causal universe! There is a cause for every effect! We can not worry about the effect without worrying about the cause. If you want to erase the effect you have to erase the cause! But it is very easy to forget about the cause, and try to treat the effect! It is simply like putting the cart before the horse!

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The pandemic we are experiencing is not an accident! It is the effect of a cause embedded in the human behavior of utter disregard for mother earth and species who inhabit there! Man has no ownership interest on earth. It is only a custodial relationship. Even our own life on earth is a gift from the Universe! It is stark reality that we all live in a borrowed body with borrowed time! But instead of carefully and gratefully using the resources given to us, we are abusing them as though there is no tomorrow.

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This pandemic, like all other pandemics in the past, is a wake up call for mankind! It is a notice from the Universe to clean up our act, and live with moral responsibility to preserve what is entrusted to us with utmost care! Doctor gives you the bitter medicine, when you have very high fever. So is the Universe! Suffering really speaking, opens our souls! Isolation deepens our faith

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