Think and Lose Weight!

by Gopi Nair
October 7th 2018

Thinking is a God-given gift to man.


We all have been using it knowingly or unknowingly with purpose or without purpose, all our life. Desire is the first law of gain in the universe. The power of desire is beyond human comprehension, and in sanskrit it is called "ICHASAKTI". Desire is the offspring of thought. When you keep on thinking about something, a desire is born, and when you nurture it with more thought power, and water it with imagination, your desire becomes intense, and purposeful. To keep the desire alive and well in the corridors of your mind, you have to appoint a guard. The name of that guard is AWARENESS!


AWARENESS is the Alpha and Omega of weight loss! We all have wishful thinking, and it lasts for a day or two and then it it is lost in the noise of everyday living. Again the same desire might appear on the horizon, and that too is short lived. We have to write down our desire and make it a goal in our daily life. Anything you commit to writing has a power of its own. It can be seen, and it can be read, and we keep that goal ready for the subconscious mind to absorb! Anything that you impress upon the sleeping mind, will be translated into its material equivalent in time by the subconscious power, which lies dormant beneath the layers of consciousness. The purpose of goal setting is to impress upon the subconscious mind, our deep rooted desire to make a change.


HOW I LOST 20 POUNDS IN TWO YEARS? When I decided to lose weight two years ago, I wanted to keep that desire alive and well during my waking hours. The only way I could do that was thinking about it constantly during all my daily activities either at work or at home. During the last two years, I discovered the following methods very useful in achieving my goal:


EATING AUDIT: I started closely watching what I eat during the day and night before I went to sleep. I regularly eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. During day time, in between meals I used to go for a cup of coffee and snacks. After dinner, I used to watch news or other TV program, and I always munch on peanuts. When I started the eating audit, this is what I discovered to my wonder:


A. Unconscious Eating


During my TV time, I was eating lots of peanuts stacking up large amount of calories. Even though peanuts is good for snacking like cashews or almonds or walnuts, one has to watch how much of the snacks you are eating. During TV time, I was not paying attention, and it encouraged unconscious eating. So I decided to cut peanuts completely from my daily eating habit. Since I was not eating peanuts, I also stopped watching TV that much. Even if watch TV, I started getting up and walking instead of being a "couch potato".


B: "Sinful" Eating


We are all (almost all)programmed to think that it is a "sin" to waste food as there are millions of people starving for food all over the world. Therefore we tend to eat everything we get as a part of our meal in a restaurant. We do not want to waste it, and therefore we eat everything to escape from the "sin" of wasting food. It does not have to be like that. You can always eat what is healthy, and what is required to maintain a healthy living.


C. Eating "To Please"


I also realized that I was eating more to "please my friends", when I went with them for lunch or dinner. You order two or three course dinner, and it is topped with a dessert very rich in calories. It is even worse, if you go to a restaurent for a lunch buffet, or all you can eat. You go to any Indian Restaurant for a lunch buffet, and the amount of food they display for you to eat is beyond anybody's capacity. It really challenges one's appetite!


D. 50% RULE


After I did my eating audit, I instituted for myself 50% Rule. I will go to my favorite restaurant and order my food for lunch. I will eat the salad that comes with the lunch. The main course, I ask the waitress to pack 50%, before I start eating. I bring it to the office and give it to one of my co-workers. I always tell them that it is not "left over", as it is packed before I touched the food. This application of 50% Rule started to have a big impact on my eating habit, and I started applying it for all my eating. For breakfast I eat two pieces of bread toasted without any jam or butter, and a banana along with five to ten pices of badam. Similarly for lunch too, I started consciously cutting down the quanitity of food. The 50% Rule is a cardinal principle of my weight loss plan. It works wonders when it becomes a part of your dietary habit.


E. ⅓rd RULE


I compartmentalise my stomach in such a way that it comprises of one third water, one third food and one third empty. This way you do not have to fill up to the brim, and the food gets easily digested. An empty stomach is so fun to be with, and I literally enjoy the empty stomach. In the morning when I get up, I feel extremely happy to have an empty stomach. As you get older it is likely to have gas and bloating. Since I started the One Third Rule those stomach discomforts have departed like uninvited guests!




CALORY INTAKE AND CALORY OUTFLOW: This is another cardinal principle of my weight loss plan. No weight loss plan is complete without a very good exercise program. I go to Gym regularly, and besides cardio, I do weights twice a week to keep muscles growth and vigor. Everyday I watch the number of steps I take, and the calories I burn. It is heartening to leran that you burn regulary 1700-1800 calories, by walking two to three miles. Even those days I do not go to GYM, I make it a point to park my car away from the shops so that I will be compelled to walk those additional steps. If I am in a building with elevaotor, I try to take the steps ups and down to keep me moving. It helps to burn additional calories. Even when I am waiting somewhere, I try to keep moving being aware of the calories I need to burn to keep my weigjht in check. Of course when you are old you can get away with anything! Even those employees at McDonald, tolerate my my act of pacing back and forth while waiting for the coffee! Who says old age is miserable. You can get away with almost anything, if you know how.


QUALITY OF FOOD: " You are what you eat" is not only true, it strikes at the core of any weight loss plan. While we all crave once in a while to have "junk foods", or if you are travelling and could not find any healthy food, we must not thrive on those unhealthy foods. "Garbage in, Garbage out", is something we must remember at all times. Eating healthy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats and proteins along with plenty of water must decorate the halls of our dietary home. Somebody said, "there are no big things in life: but there are small things that make a big difference". These small steps of eating healthy, losing calories by exercise, and allowing our body to repair and recuperate with sound sleep are a few small things we all can incorporate in our daily life to ensure a healthy living. It is also true that our children notice what parents are doing, and rather than telling them what to do, show them what to do for a healthy living. If healthy eating is the rule of the house, it is very likely that this family culture will be emulated by your children, and their practice will be followed by their children.Thus we all can help create a healthy future generation. Obesity has become one of the biggest challenges to the health care professionals and the the world as a whole, and it might cost all of us one way or the other. Who says one man or a woman can not make a difference? You take care of yourself, and your family is likely to follow you and thus we all can make a big difference in our attempt to curb obesity and its unhealthy consequences!


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