This Is The Time. You Are The Man, Start Now!

by Gopi Nair
March 10th 2021

Do not wait for the right opportunity! This is the time, you are the man (or woman) and start now! Anything begun is half done!


The MBA you were postponing, or the marriage you were postponing or going to the GYM you were postponing, or even the simple on line course you were postponing for the right time! Do not be cozy in your own job, stir your spirit and get out of the comfort zone! You have been there for a long time!


You have to challenge yourself periodically! When you challenge yourself the best in you will come out! It is true that people freeze when they think of changing from the familiar to the unfamiliar! Why? Because there are uncertainties associated with the change! Be willing to take the risk, face the uncertainties and you will be fine. Success awaits those who are willing to fail, and take the chances.


Muster up some courage, take that simple step to move forward. "The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a simple step" says the Chinese proverb! Take the baby step and START NOW!


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