Today is the Day of Appreciation

by Gopi Nair
November 22nd 2021

Today is a special day! You start appreciating every one in your life. You can appreciate starting with your spouse! Do something special to compliment him or her. Maybe you can say, "Honey, today I am going to buy a special dinner. You are not going to cook." It is not a big sacrifice, it may be a small gesture. It shows you care. Come to think of it, there are no big things in life, only small things that make a big difference!

Next, you can appreciate your children. Find time to take them to Barnes and Noble, or take them out for ice cream or even a "Happy Meal." If your parents are not with you, send them a thank you note saying, "Mom and Dad, today I remember you, your sacrifices, and your love". Even better, take a picture of your baby and send it to them. The best thing you can do for your parents is to "show up" whenever possible, and say "I love you."

Did you know that gratitude is appreciation? Appreciating somebody or all things in your life is like expressing your gratitude. Whenever you appreciate something, you are reminding yourself of your own blessings in life. The more you appreciate people and things in your life, more blessings will come into your own life. When you appreciate someone, do you know how the other person feels? That person thinks a "world of you", and you will be remembered for your kindness and clarity. The same way when you are counting your own blessings, you are unleashing your appreciations towards the things that you have, the strength that you possess, and the blessings you enjoy.

So start today your Day of Appreciation, starting with your wife or husband, then children and your parents. You can send a thank you note to your boss for the raise she approved, for the promotion she has recommended. If nothing else, "Sir/Madam, I am grateful for the leadership and guidance you are providing." Life is too short, fill it up with an avalanche of appreciation, and celebrate your own life, and make it a model for others to follow!

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