How To Turbo Charge Your Immunity?

by Gopi Nair
April 23rd 2020

While we are all stressed out due to the unprecedented time we pass though, it is essential for us to focus on what matters really! We need to focus on our health, and family health and the community health. We can almost never predict the future, we can be ready if the unexpected knocks on our door! The following tips will supercharge your immune system to take on any of the onslaught on our physical and emotional body:


  1. Focus on the positive always, while shunning the negative. Negative thought, speech and action must be avoided at all cost! Negativity weakens your immune system. Positivity, optimism and enthusiasm super charges your immunity!


  1. Select the food that you eat. Select whole grains, proteins plenty of vegetables and fruits of different variety. Stay away from junk foods as much as possible!


  1. Make sure you have seven to eight hours of quality sleep at the same place at the same time. Do not sleep on the couch, it is not quality sleep. Keep your cell phones away!


  1. You can walk for twenty to thirty minutes whenever weather is good. Even walking inside the house or apartment will suffice. Keep moving, do not be a couch potato!


  1. Think good. Practice Gratitude, it will keep negative feelings at bay!


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