What Is Gratitude?

by Gopi Nair
November 21st 2021

There has been unprecedented focus on this virtue of gratitude during the last two decades, as Positive Psychologists and brain researchers have been interested in finding the link between happiness and gratitude, and neuronal transformation and gratitude. Almost all the Scriptures known to mankind have been heralding the wisdom of gratitude for centuries. I am told that the New Testament has expressed 157 times an equivalent of the word gratitude in this great Scripture. In the light of this new discovery let us analyze the word gratitude and see how it can transform our own daily lives!

Simply speaking, gratitude is the celebration of our life! When you are celebrating life, you are counting your blessings and remembering people and events that contributed to the celebration. Gratitude also reminds us that we are all here for a short visit and we all need to be grateful as it opens the path to peace and plenty. "Where is happiness for a man who is not at peace with himself?" asks Bhagavad Gita. Gratitude guarantees that peace, because it anchors your mind to the present. Life is to be enjoyed only in the present, as past brings memories of the past, and future only ignites our imagination! The actual experience of life happens in the present moment. Gratitude is the facilitator of the present moment.

Whatever material wealth you create only belongs to the Universe, as you and I come empty-handed and we return home empty-handed. At the most we can say that we are the temporary custodians of our wealth. We should never take ownership seriously as it simply does not exist. Even our body itself is a borrowed body! Understand the stupidity behind the fallacious conclusion that we own the earth and the wealth, whereas in fact we live in a borrowed body with borrowed time!

When we practice gratitude, it preserves our sanity as we are not deluded by the painful past and the imaginary future. We are focused in the present enabling us to enjoy the present moment, which enshrines the beauty of life. When we all start counting our blessings, we are blessed more by the Universe, as it is the Universal Law! Everything multiplies after its kind! So start practicing gratitude, count your blessings, and live in the present moment to make the best out of this life. When you live for yourself life is utterly miserable, as it becomes an empty dream. But when you live for others, life becomes pure joy! Gratitude grants you the pure joy in life. Your daily rituals of gratitude are the flowers that make the beautiful garland of life!

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