What Is Holding You Back?

by Gopi Nair
April 30th 2020

Almost all of us are working at the fraction of our own capacity!


Our hidden potential is craving to come out of us, and leave its foot prints in the sands of time. We all need to ask this question to ourselves every day: What is holding me back? Is it lack of education? Or too much education? Is it lack of self confidence? Is it arrogance, that" I know everything " is holding you back?


Many of us are sleep walking through life, half asleep, half awake, not really knowing what is going on within! Whatever may be the one thing holding you back, you can overcome that and find out your true potential once you ask the question: What is holding me back? if it is lack of education you can get on line any quality education that can open new opportunities including career changes. If it is lack of self confidence, you can join Toast Masters Club for a Public Speaking Course that can catapult your confidence level to any height you desire!


No matter who you are, and what you do in life, ask this question:


"What is holding me back"?


The answer to this question can change your life beyond your wildest imagination.


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