What Is The Secret Of Your Experience?

by Gopi Nair
April 23rd 2020

Almost all of us wonder sometime or the other, why we have a particular experience, mostly negative? Of course we do not wonder about the positive experience, because we think we "deserve it"! When our negative experience ransacks our mind and threaten our peace of mind, we look for our scape goats, and blame the spouse, children, next door neighbors, or even God who gets blamed for everything that happens to us. But does anybody know that we are the authors of our own experience, and experience by experience we write our own book of life, sometimes called destiny!


If you think for a moment and reflect, you can find out that the experience events and conditions that you face in life are a boomerang from your own thoughts, speech and actions. How can we say that for sure? This theory that your experience is a boomerang of your own thoughts speech and action, is deeply embedded in the Law of Reciprocity.


The Law of Reciprocity simply says:


whatever you offer to the Universe in the form of your thoughts, speech and action will come back to you multiplied.


This universal law is very powerful, and it does not make any exceptions. You maybe a president or a pastor, a teacher or a preacher, or farmer or a foreign language expert, rich or poor, young or old, White, Black or Brown, the law applies to you equally without any discrimination!


There is a way you can track your messages going to the universe and the messages coming back to you from the universe! Look at the following two boxes below:


Sent Box Inbox
You yelled at your wife (husband). Your boss yelled at you in the presence of others.
You gave a five dollar bill to a homeless person. Your client called to confirm his order!
You helped your wife to cook the dinner. Your boss announced your raise the same day.
You kicked your dog in the morning. You got a flat tire while coming home.
You read a story to your three year old. Your uncle sent you a gift from Germany.


There are no accidents in the Universe! What you sow that alone you shall reap! If you sow the seeds of oranges never expect to reap apples. You can start connecting the dots between your inbox and send box. The Universe is all inclusive, and it excludes none. You ,your wife, your little child, your uncle, the homeless person, and your boss, your dog and even a can in the street are part and parcel of the Universe! Understand this naked truth and adjust your behavior to reap the maximum benefits from the Universe by watching your own thoughts, speech and action that constitute your offerings to the Universe! None of us can be above this Universal Law, the Law of Reciprocity which governs your Karma (deed) and the reward for your deeds. You want to be happy, make others happy first. You want to receive Gratitude, be grateful to others! You can craft a purpose for your life, and let all your thoughts speech and action revolve around that purpose! Always remember this truth that when you live for yourself, life is utterly miserable., but when you live for others it is pure joy!

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