When You Act...

by Gopi Nair
April 5th 2021

When you act, you are a master in control, Capable of breaking a new path, to roll To master over your emotions, a prerequisite Before you can lead masses of men to any site!


The pages of history filled with men of prophetic fire, They fought, they led, always willing to inspire, A Mahathma, a Churchill ,Lincoln or Washington, All had a common trait, focused and disciplined action!


Nature of mind is to react to every one crossing one's path, Squandering enormous energy facing its ruining wrath, Oh!foolish men, realize that your thoughts and speech multiply with repetition, forming useless questions, with no one to reply!


Be a detached witness, without energy drain to react, Observe, assimilate and reflect to create a will to act! Shunning the tendency to react will make you a real man, Among men of high standing, attracting a clan of dedicated fan.


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