Who Is Your Neighbor?

by Gopi Nair
March 24th 2021

Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed:


"Love thy neighbor as thyself!"


The question is who is your neighbor? The word neighbor in the spiritual sense, includes everybody other than you. Thus your wife or husband is your neighbor. Your son or daughter is your neighbor. Your next door neighbor of course is your neighbor. Your uncle in West Germany is your neighbor. The homeless man standing in the street corner is your neighbor. Your pet as well as the dog in the street is your neighbor! The word neighbor in the spiritual sense encompasses the whole Universe! The Lord in fact asked as to love the whole Universe like "thyself." He also implied that the Universe is nothing but your own very self, bound by the same Spirit! So now when you look around you see only your neighbors. Starting from today, follow the path of the Lord, "Love thy neighbor as THYSELF." First love yourself, and then love your neighbor.


If you do not have love in you, you can not give it to any one else!


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