Who Says Money Cannot Buy Happiness?

by Gopi Nair
December 7th 2021

Indeed money can buy happiness! Billions of dollars are spent all over the world every year, by people who want to be happy, and they indeed become happy. All the Lamborghinis of the world, Teslas of the world, and the palatial mansions of the world would have been sitting in the market without attracting anybody to buy them. The reality is just the opposite, as these precious symbols of material wealth are always in short supply as the demand far exceeds the supply. Many people who complain that money cannot buy happiness, do not have much money and they do not understand that happiness is a feeling of elation one gets when his or her money is spent for the happiness of other people.

Happiness is contagious. The more money you spend for the welfare of others, they become happy, and in the process you find your own inner happiness. Money is simply a medium of exchange and you can exchange it for getting food for starving children, or you can use it to spend to build homes for people who are homeless, or you can spend it on giving an education to a smart student who cannot pursue his ambition without that money.

Money is not the root of all evil, and if you correctly interpret Bible, it means "love of money to the exclusion of everything else is the root of all evil". According to Hindu Dharma, Goddess Lakshmi is the symbol of all wealth, including all the money ever created. You can earn any amount of money you want, and always remember money is wealth as long as it brings joy to others. In seeing other people's joy, you find your own. All material wealth we see in this world, and everything else belongs to the Universe. We have only a custodial relationship to any form of wealth including the money we make and other forms of wealth we accumulate. Be a temporary custodian of all wealth you can create and spend it for the welfare of others, and from their happiness you derive your own perennial joy. This is how money brings joy and happiness to you, not by hoarding it to massage your own ego.

Ownership is a myth, as everything is owned by Mother Earth. We are merely temporary custodians. Understand this truth and shed the fallacious conclusion that "money cannot bring happiness". You go home today and ask your wife, how she will feel if you stop working tomorrow if the money cannot buy happiness! Ask your five year old child how she will feel if you cannot buy the presents you promised her for Christmas! We all need to appreciate the value of money, and the wonders it can create in this world, and be assured that money can buy happiness for others and ultimately for us!

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