Why Do People Generally Hate Change?

by Gopi Nair
January 1st 2021

We are all the creatures of "couch potato" comfort!


We are so used to it and it is so comforting like a frog in a small well! The frog does not even think (pardon me smart frogs) that there is a world outside of that little well! Our creature comforts are so addictive, that we do not want to even try something that temporarily dismantles our comforts.


In other words, people hate change because there are uncertainties associated with the change! So the problem is uncertainty with the change!


How do we get rid of the uncertainties? Yes there is a sure and very effective way to do that. It is the art of visualization! You start visualizing the changes you want to see materialize in your life, and after a few visualization you see them manifest in your life. You start "dating" your change and she or he will be ready for you even if you decide to marry him or her! "The fear of the unknown" ceases when it becomes "known". Now that you know the reason why you hate change, start "dating" your change, and be all that you want to be, and get all that you want to get out of life! Again remind yourself,


"if anybody can do it, I too can."


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