Why Do We Love The Past? Why Do We Lick Old Wounds? 🩸

by Gopi Nair
August 19th 2020

Why Do We Have The Tendency To Dwell On The Past?



Past provides to many of us a safe haven to hide from the bitter reality.


Past provides us with a mask to hide our own inadequacies, and an oasis for our ego to self massage.


It is a band aid approach to life's problems.



It is a waste of human energy, and it results in moral turpitude and eventual personal ruin. Almost all of us have a hidden victim mentality. We like to unleash it to cover up, and run away from reality that we "screwed up big time". But be a man (or strong woman), and accept the reality of the big blunder, and take personal responsibility for all your action. Even if you committed a henious crime accept full responsibility for your action and learn from the experience and move on!


" My mother never smiled",


"my father had no time for me"


"I am this and that" and "I am born to fail".


These are some of the common excuses we hear all the time. Accept full responsibility for your past, learn the lesson and move on with confidence. You will certainly embrace success in whatever pursuit you may choose!


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