Why Is Happiness Temporary?

by Gopi Nair
April 9th 2020

Happiness is always temporary! So is unhappiness! Both happiness and unhappiness exist in the field of time. Time, as we all know is fleeting! Anything attached to time, is always fleeting! It can not be permanent. External stimulants whatever they may be, and wherever they may come from can not give us lasting happiness(or unhappiness). This too shall pass is an appropriate way to describe both happiness and unhappiness!


So by nature happiness can not be permanent, as it is connected to the wheel of time. But anyone can aspire to develop inner joy, which is not based on time or added stimulants. Inner joy is based on understanding, it is based on your own philosophy of life, your value system, your acceptance of life "as is", not as "it should be"!


Living in a perishable body, made up of impermanent chemicals, how can any one of us think of permanent happiness? It is ludicrous to think of any thing permanent happening to a perishable body. Unless we change our association to this body, there is no permanent happiness or inner joy possible! Always ask these two questions:






By merely asking these questions frequently you will embrace a shift in perspective, leading to a personal transformation.


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