Why Should I Practice Gratitude

by Gopi Nair
March 16th 2021

The great Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said,


"there is no way to gratitude. Gratitude is the way"


Gratitude paves the way to peace and plenty. It eradicates negativity from the shores of human mind. With negativity erased, man is free from anger, fear, jealousy and vanity. Gratitude is the only tool in our spiritual arsenal to harness our ego. While ego is essential for human survival, an uncontrolled ego is enough to take away the much needed peace and tranquility to realize one's full potential!


Please understand that Gratitude is the mother of all positive emotions like love, compassion, respect, empathy and kindness! When you practice Gratitude you are building a spiritual bridge that is capable of overcoming the weaknesses of the mortal, and lead you to the tower of immortality.


When you express your gratitude you create two winners! You the giver of gratitude, and the person at the receiving end of gratitude. When you are grateful amazing things will happen in your life, as your tamed ego can open doors to seemingly impossible accomplishments. Gratitude opens the doors of spirituality, it can grant you the boon of peaceful living! If you think peace is the alpha and omega of good fortune you are right!


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