Withdraw Your Permission Today!

by Gopi Nair
November 10th 2020

Why are we all (almost all) sad, bad, and unglad?


Because we have given our permission to all others to insult us. The world may be insulting you and me for our inadequacies, past failures or even silly behaviors at times. I have withdrawn the permission, I unknowingly gave to the world to insult me. Their redicule, criticism, and even the so called "insults" fall in my deaf years. I have simply rejected the negativity lurking all over the Universe! They have no impact on me as I have given up my appetite for negative criticisms and negativity appearing in all aspects of my life. Anybody can say anything to me, but I hold in my consciousness the wisdom of choice. I do not react to others as they weaken my spirit, and I simply act as though I am the Master of my own destiny.


You too can withdraw your permission you have unknowingly granted to others to insult you, redicule you, and even drag you to the pit of agonizing self doubt. Once you do that you will start enjoying the freedom of choice, the ability to choose what is stimulating your personal growth and accomplishments. Your peace of mind and tranquility will start amazing you, as it has abandoned you over the years!


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