You Are The Universe!

by Gopi Nair
April 28th 2020

We all try to mask the reality that everything is happening within u! May be it is an unconscious human instinct to be oblivious of the stark reality, even when it is staring at us. The truth is that the world outside is nothing but the reflection of the world inside! "AS ABOVE SO BELOW", and "AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT " are not empty hollow words. They represent the profound truth that we are the crafters of our own destiny, and the authors of our own book of life!

This Universe is nothing but a vast net work of inter twined thoughts, connecting all of us as one humanity. Thoughts are nothing but energy, sparks of spirit capable of manifesting into touchable matte! Really speaking matter is energy in its gross form, and energy is nothing but the purest form of matter. We are all nothing but energy organism starting from a tiny life form of an amoeba to the highest evolution of mankind!

The thoughts we entertain in the secret chambers of our mind get translated into their equivalent matter, events and conditions.


"Circumstance is a looking glass"


as James Allen puts it bluntly. They reveal simply the subtle forms of thoughts within us! That subtle Universe of thoughts within, manifests as our outer Universe of experience! Will continue..

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