You Can Solve Any Problem With Gratitude!

by Gopi Nair
December 9th 2020

Gratitude is the "way" to solve any problem in life, be it health, wealth or interpersonal relationship. We have three tools of interaction with the Universe namely, Thought Speech and Action. Our tools of communication are inter related too. Any imbalance between Thought Speech and Action in our mind creates a conflict. If that conflict is not resolved in time, it can lead to major mental agony that can translate itself into physical ailments known as diseases.


Gratitude is a Spiritual Catalyst that can impact every aspect of our life in a positive way. You add Gratitude to your Thought, Speech and Action, and it will create an alignment called TSA alignment. TSA alignment is very essential for inner harmony and peace of mind. If you have TSA alignment it will help you move away from the problem you are trying to solve and look at it with a free and clear mind. When you move away from the problem with equanimity, you shed the skin of bias and judgement that mask the solution to the problem. Think about every problem with Gratitude, Speak About every problem with Gratitude, and take Action with a feeling of Gratitude. Gratitude reveals the truth, that you are indeed the problem.


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