Your Body, The Greatest Gift!

by Gopi Nair
March 17th 2021

The most advanced medical research in the world is still trying to understand the mystery of the human Anatomy, and the intricate nervous system and the brain.The richest man in the world in need of a working body part, is willing to exchange all his wealth for the precious organ. This marvelous body is gifted to you and me by the Creator (Call Him or Her whatever you please) to navigate through the planet and experience a beautiful life! Can we ask two questions ourselves?


Are we using this gift of human body with care?


Can we do better from today?


These questions are not asked to put anybody down, or any one feel guilty! It is a positive statement, a wake up call for all of us to do better. We all need to justify and be accountable for our ability for walking on two legs! That is the least each one of us can do to improve the quality of life and living.


Steps for self audit:


Take a look at yourself in a full mirror and do you like what you see. If you like give a pat on your back! If you do not like what you see ask yourself:


"what can I do to improve my look outside, and feeling inside!"


Do it now because this is the time, you are the man (or woman), and you sure need to take action.


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