Did You Know That Your Thoughts Affect Your Immunity?

by Gopi Nair
April 22nd 2020

Yes, your thoughts are the seeds of your transactions with the Universe!


You think, you speak and you act! These three tools of transactions rule your physical and emotional world!

Unless you have clean thoughts, uplifting speeches and elevating deeds you are vulnerable to germs and viruses, as your immunity is hanging in balance to be perfected! You need to have a healthy body, clean mind and inspiring emotions to navigate through this world without being affected by the life stealing germs and viruses!


"Think good, good will always follow" are not empty words!


They are pearls of wisdom, mined in the Divine Mind of the Masters who preceded us! They knew that you are vulnerable to the nagging negativity! Once you guard against negativity, by invoking the Power of Gratitude, you become invincible! No force on earth can touch you! Your immunity becomes an impenetrable fortress of Spirituality shining with the dazzling light of a thousand Suns, where the darkness of disease or death can not enter! Take fifteen minutes a day, and watch your thoughts! Think of life giving thoughts of Gratitude, Compassion and Kindness! Follow it with uplifting speeches and translate them into Divine deeds of caring and giving!

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